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Behind the Image by Anna Fox and Natasha Caruana

The book is written by two University of Creative Arts staff members. Its audience is primarily students of photography. I believe it should be required reading for students starting out on a photography course rather than further into the course.

There are six chapters. It is written in a simple and straightforward language making it easy to understand. It is well illustrated with images both by the authors and other photographers where relevant. Much of the content is things one already knows. Tied neatly into chapters it reinforces this knowledge.

The opening chapter is about planning and researching proposals for projects. The second is about research methods and sources available to develop a project. There are brief descriptions of different photographic genre in the next chapter. Because of the breadth of the topics covered no one genre is dealt with in depth. This leaves the reader wanting to discover more. Blogging and information storage is dealt with in Chapter four. The fifth Chapter is about the final product. Emphasis is placed on archiving research so that it can be accessed later. Taking time to reflect and revisit images before final decisions are made. Where and how to exhibit material is also touched on. The final chapter deals with taking time to reflect on work in progress and eventually archiving it.

Each chapter ends with an activity. I did not do these activities but think they would be very useful for anyone preparing for a college degree in Photography. In brief, a great little handbook.