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Alain Laboile: la famille

This is the first European solo exhibition by this, self taught french, photographer. The theme of the exhibition,, as the name implies, is based on images of his large family. Laboile is a sculpture living in a rural setting south of Bordeaux, with his wife and six children. The images are very much in the style of Sally Mann. The children often pose with animals, both wild and pets. They seem very at ease in their surroundings. The composition of the images is beautiful drawing the viewer into the fun and games of this very relaxed family.


la famille: Alain Laboile


la famille: Alain Laboile


la famille: Alain Laboile

For me these black and white, simply framed imagesĀ  are superior to those of Sally Mann. The love and rapport between the father and his children is palpable. The whole impression is of a family living a simple rural fun life. There are almost 100 images presented in this exhibition.

Most of Laboile’s photography is based round his family life in France.. He has also created some exceptional colour images as well as these B&W.

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