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Assignment 5 Diary: Constructed realities and the fabricated image

8 April 2016

Just received fellow student Chloe Chalk’s collaborative video on Spring time where you are. I was happy that I took part as so few students did.

Got my assignment 4 sent off. So now to assignment 5…

Am still thinking about alternative bacteria images but am getting no where….

The students of Visual Arts, here on the island, are setting up their work for their final assessments.

10 May 2016

Off to see Highgrove garden in UK. May meet Prince Charles!!! No camera as Aer Lingus have a 7kg restriction on baggage…. Will keep eyes open and reflect on things. Uo at 7 a.m. to mow the grass after two days of torrential rain and intense heat.

20 May 2016

Back in Ireland after a fairly traumatic week. Highgrove shut due to flooding and little alternative offered. Family problems so Highgrove seem incidental…. Grass coming in the windows on return, rain coming down in sheets, no possibility of mowing…

So it was on with my research. Read masses about Gregory Crewsdon. Jury is out on his work. He gives me the creeps as a person but I don’t have to like with him, just research his work…

23 May 2016

Spent the whole weekend visiting the exhibits of this years graduates of the BA Visual Arts degree course held here on ‘my’ island. I have written a review of the show.

24 May 2016

I made some video material of the student show which I will need to edit before using. This resembles cleaning the oven for me. I keep putting it on the long finger – but I WILL get there. I need to buy an idiots guide to editing videos. Too many people have never bought this book and their video material reflects it!!!

Amazon have informed me that they will refund my money for the book Aftermath as it has never arrived. The outsourcing shop they used apparently sent two copies but these have never arrived – maybe they are coming by Royal Mail donkey….

31 May 2016

Worked all yesterday on research for assignment 5. Really enjoyed it. Have written it all up but need to organise the sub posts. Hoping to go to the Grayson Perry exhibition, here in Maastricht, today. Childminder doing the minding today so grandparents have a day off!!!.

6 June 2016

Did my recording for this assignment with Terry Farnell, another photographer who lives on the same island as me. He is a very reticent guy but he agreed to do this and I found it very interesting. He understood what I was trying to do as he had studied for his degree in Photography. I then wrote it up later that night after a couple of hours had elapsed. I found it interesting as I feel my memory is suffering as I get older.

I now want to re-read all the work done up to this point before I set out on the final assignment. I will use my physical log to set up story boards and to try to assemble my ideas. It is all going round in my head at the moment.

Had an opportunity to try to advance my “Unseen” images this weekend. It is one I would rather not have had but nonetheless one always has to be open to opportunity…. My husband had to go to the local hospital on Saturday due to a fall in the garden. His arm was badly bruised and cut and since he is on medication it bled copiously. While we were there I asked the nurse if I could photograph her cleaning and applying the bandages. I felt this was a perfect bacteria image. i want to find some newspaper headlines about bugs in hospitals to add to it…

7 June 2016

Managed to set up a Skype with Chris Coekin, my tutor. It was very useful and good to put a face to a name.  He had no serious issues with my essay. He agreed to advise when I was ready to submit encouraging me to defend whatever decision I made on presentation. The whole experience was reassuring.

He asked about what I intended to do for Assignment 5. I outlined what I had in mind. I told him I needed to put various options down on paper before I could decide on whether to present this as a video, a single image or a sequence of images.I also discussed my limitation with lighting, living as I do on an island. He encouraged me to record all my efforts and to include these.

10 June 2016

I had hoped to do some story boards for my upcoming constructed image(s) while working in the craft shop yesterday.. No chance I was crazy busy. This was good since I work on commission… I am thinking of roping in my son who will be visiting for the weekend and is about the age of my bassoon player when I first knew him. My son is also a whizz with projects – nothing is a problem.

13 June 2016

The weekend came and went and only got to make a couple of  photographs of my son down at the abandoned caravan. The rain hardly stopped long enough while we were at home…..

Decided to check out weather forecast for tonight looks reasonable. Will have to use husband disguised as he is a bit old for the part!!!! Bur he is willing which is great. Grandchildren were fascinated by the idea….

Need to get down to the site during the day and strim down the grass which is now as high as the windows of the caravan. My tutor thought this will  add atmosphere but I need space to place the tripod and lighting.  Am getting excited about this. Have been apprehensive up to this.

Will do some story boards today.

14 June 2016

Great fun last night setting up my “Making it Up”. We rolled out three extension leads from our electric buggy park down the road to the site of the abandoned caravan. Got my husband dressed up in a black top and my black bonnet. Used my big garage mechanic’s light and brought some LED lights. Took some shots and a couple of videos. I have collected all I have made into one file now and had a brief look at it all. The task of getting something out of it is a bit daunting  But I have ordered iMovie, the book, from Amazon. Let’s hope that it comes, not like, Aftermath, which never came. They refunded my money. I decided to order directly from Amazon even though it was more expensive. Secondary outlets seem to be the problem.

Weather behaved more or less as it had been predicted in the forecast. Some rain but generally OK. Windy…

Garden open to the public on Saturday and Sunday so that is keeping us very busy too. With changeable weather we have to keep running in and out….

15 June 2016

Reading up about editing videos. Am a bit confused but will get there. Updated (or updating at the minute) my iMovie. Unfortunately I need to update my whole system to get most recent version. Will do this after I backup.

16 June 2016

I found this video this morning which might be fun to try with my caravan. in the moonlight.

The weather is lovely at the moment so it will be no hardship to be out and about in the night. just need to check the moon – full or otherwise.

Have ordered 10 x 15 cms paper for small prints

Am checking my videos of the caravan to see which pieces I want to use. I will try to make about 2mins. I wonder if I could have the soundtrack of Summertime running in the background since it was the bassoon player’s music partner’s great song…. Have to think about how to do this. I will use my physical log to note down which few seconds of which videos I want to use and try to work out an order. This will save time and avoid too much confusion when my IMovie book arrives.

19 June 2016

Yesterday dawned bright and sunny. I even had my breakfast in the garden at 7.30 but by mid-day the rain was hammering down. When it rains no one travels to an island no matter how interesting the day might have been……. And it was an interesting day. “Sherkin Creates” saw all the artists studios open to the public and a general exhibition of the island crafts in our Community Hall.

The Open islands continues today but the weather looks very un-promising. So I intend to spend the day reviewing my videos and images for my Assignment 5 as I wait for garden visitors… I have created thumbnails of the images so far and I have 15 video clips some of which I will just bin. Then I will go through each and try to pick out the bits I want to use. i will note the point on the video and note this in my physical diary. Then I will work out in order where I want to use these clips to make a story. I will review the still images and try to see where these will fit into the story.

Then hopefully my iMovie book will arrive tomorrow which will guide me through the process of creating a meaningful video. I will keep it short and sweet in order to try to keep the quality high.

The project seems daunting at the moment but exciting too….

Have now printed my thumbnails and reviewed the first 9 videos. I have selected the seconds I might use.

When I finish I will try to make sense of the sequence and slot in some of the images…

Wonder how I will add sound to this work???

21 June 2016

My book did not arrive but I finished reviewing the video snippets. Asked permission of the singer to use her song as soundtrack – no reply as yet.

Could not go out at the summer solstice last night as my husband was sick – some sort of a bug and he is totally flattened this morning – poor man. Maybe try tonight if he is feeling better,

There is so much deciding to do that I am happy that the book has not arrived. I can gather my thoughts and try to arrange things on paper.

22 June 2016

Got the singer’s permission to use her music. Book arrived and I am deep into it.

25 June 2016

Learning how to transition from one clip to the next. Hope I can make it professional as at the moment it is anything but. it is so frustrating as I have the whole thing in my head but actually achieving it is not so easy. i would love to have a video expert sit beside me for a half a day. The whole experience is a deja vu for me. My father was an amateur film buff. He spent hours splicing 8mm film together. I can remember the smell of the gum he used – I found it intoxicating. He was a very impatient man except when he was working on his film.

Now to work and try to cross fade my clips. I have managed to add an image and done a Ken Burns effect on it. I am quite pleased with that.

I also want to convert the figure looking at the bike into a phantom

26 June 2016

Well the bike figure is a dead loss – so I will leave it out. I got my cross dissolve transitions in and realised they were too short so learned how to increase the transition time. Am on the chapter “effects” but need to resist the temptation to introduce any of these – I thought about sepia for the ‘photo’ on the bed but think it might be kitsch.

Re-reading my ‘story’ about the caravan I think I might have to leave out some of my favourite clips and stills as they are a bit irrelevant. I will look again at what I have made so far and see how it ties to the ‘story”

28 June2016

Got the video to a place where I am satisfied (sort of…) with it. Then wanted to add the audio. First attempt was a dead loss. Got up at 6a.m. so that there would be less surround noise while I ‘voice’ recorded the song over my video. Had a few attempts and got something which was ok.

Then the fun started. I tried to upload to Vimeo. Three attempts but would not upload. realised my screen was going off and this seemed to cause the uploading to stop. Changed screen to stay awake. The video uploaded. But then I could not get it to playback. I have checked online to try to establish why this is happening. No joy as yet. i have a neighbour who is a video expert but he is on holidays so I did not want to ask him. However I will try once more and then I might capitulate….

Found a solution online. Convert the file to Mp4 and then got a freebee software to compress it. It took 2.5 hours to upload but plays great.

Sent it off to a few family members and friends to see what they think… My son’s reaction was typical “could do better”……. But I really appreciate his honesty and he is a techie…. July 2016

29 July 2016

Have been thinking, for some time now, of how to re-do my video. First step was ot get a friend to record “Summertime” from his CD player. I now have a clean copy on my machine. I am about to set off and take stills to use for my new video. Unfortunately it is not foggy this morning. It was beautiful yesterday but had to go to work…..

4 August 2016

After much time and reading I reworked the video and now C&N is finally almost finished. I still have to change some images in one assignment but I know what I want ot do so C&N will be put to bed…