Exercise: Street Photography style

Find a street that particularly interests you – it may be local or further afield. Shoot 30 colour images and 30 black and white images in a street photography style. In your learning log, comment on the differences between the two formats. What difference does colour make? Which set do you prefer and why? OCA

I chose a street in Marseilles which is about two kilometers long. In fact the street name changes but it is still the same street. This is a fairly tough area so I had to be very careful especially in the light of recent events  in Paris. There were as many gendarmes on the street of Marseilles as ordinary people. Everyone was watching everyone else. It was very disquieting. I love Marseilles with a passion and I especially love the areas which have not yet been gentrified.

I was reasonably happy with the set of images and printed out the contacts sheets. I put these into my physical learning log. This enabled me to see which images looked best in colour and which in B&W. I will put in a couple after the contacts with the reasons why I think they work best in one or the other genre.

Contacts for Marseille street in colour

Contacts for Marseille street in colour

Contact for Marseille street in B&W

Contact for Marseilles street in B&W

Blvd Athens from Gare St Charles

Blvd Athens from Gare St Charles

I chose B&W for this image because I think it gives an old fashioned look to the srteet. there is nothing singled out in the original coloured image.

Red watering can

Red watering can

This had to be coloured as the red watering can brings out the action of the man washing his sweeping brush outside the very colourful Bollywood creations shop….

young man on the steps

young man on the steps

The ‘colour’ in this image added nothing so ‘take it out’..

The Family

The Family

The woman’s cloths and the little fellow’s yellow jacket added to the vibrancy of this image. it had to be coloured.

I used this criteria to study all my images and I circled those I though best either in B&W or colour, in my physical learning log. I will add an image of it here.



marseille_37_bw_smThis is one of the street scenes. The children spotted me raising the camera and behaved as children used to do – one of them pointed a pretend gun at me. I wish I had been closer or had a better zoom but here it is with the children cut out and highlighted.




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